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Your Halloween Wedding Invitations

Posted in: Invitations on November 3, 2011
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When planning a themed wedding ceremony, everything must follow the patterns of the theme you have picked for your special event. In this article we would like to speak about Halloween wedding ceremonies and more exactly about Halloween wedding invites.

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Everybody knows that the wedding invitations are the first elements related to the ceremony, that the wedding attendants are going to see. This fact leads to the importance of the right choice of your wedding invitations. As a result, when searching these wedding items you must be very careful, and you must write down everything you want your guests to know about your wedding.

Your Halloween wedding invitationsCredit

Halloween wedding invitations

The main thing would be to choose the right image. In the case of Halloween wedding invitations, most of the people would pick an invite portraying some pumpkins, ghosts, witches on their brooms, and so on. But, due to the fact that you are picking them for your wedding, which is an elegant event, then you should add some style to these items. Thus, feel free to accessorize your wedding invitations with some black ribbons, or choose a glamorous paper. Everything with a bit of style will work!

Halloween wedding invitationsCredit

Halloween wedding invitations

The next important thing is your text. You could go for the regular text, in which you say that you are happy to invite them at your wedding. But, at the same time it will work just fine, if you would choose something more mysterious and appropriate for this holiday. Cover your text in mystery, but do not forget to share your names, the date, hour and place of your wedding reception, because after all you don’t want to confuse your guests that much.

Halloween wedding invitationsCredit

Halloween wedding invitations

After having taken care of these details, you must pick the suitable envelope. Our advice would be to insert your wedding invites in some black envelopes and thus the Halloween effect will be achieved. For a more impressive aspect, you could go further and add a specific image, such as: pumpkins, brooms, ghosts, and so on; in order to finish in a Halloween manner.

Halloween wedding invitationsCredit

Halloween wedding invitations

Anyway, these are the things you must know about Halloween wedding invites. All you have to do know is to search for the right invitation, to add your text, and to mail them to your guests.

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