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Why Should I Wear A Red Wedding Dress

Posted in: Dresses on March 8, 2013
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Dear ladies, let’s forget for a moment those white or ivory wedding dresses and let’s talk about something more passionate and intense: red bridal gowns. Why should one get married in something like this? Well, there are multiple answers; you will just have to find your true reason and then you will see if something like this will suit you or not.

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What you should know, in the first place is that something like this will totally bring to surface your explosive and passionate personality.

Why should I wear a red wedding dress

Why should I wear a red wedding dress

So, if these words describe you, then you should not hesitate any longer, and you should wear something like this on your wedding day. As you can see the first reason why someone should have a red wedding dress on her wedding day is if she desires to match her personality with her apparel.

Everybody knows that white is the primordial shade when it comes to weddings, but if you want something more vivid and full of colors and especially if you love red, then this should be the color of your bridal gown. You must let your preferences decide for you! Do not pick something just because according to tradition and ancient rites this is how things should be done.

Why should I wear a red wedding dress

Why should I wear a red wedding dress

However, if this is your first time getting married, then I believe you would like to fulfill your dream of walking down the aisle in a pure white dress. You could keep the red gown for the silver or golden wedding ceremony. But, if this is not your first marriage and if you would like to wear something else but the white wedding gown, then you should go for the more daring and sexy red frock.

Why should I wear a red wedding dress

Why should I wear a red wedding dress

And last but not least, if your wedding ceremony is more non conformist and if you would like to show that through your wedding apparel then of course that it would be very appropriate to choose a colorful wedding dress. And what other color would suit better a beautiful and sexy woman than red? So, you should expose your femininity, elegance and distinguished personality through the choice of a red wedding dress.

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