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Who Shall Be My Maid Of Honour

Posted in: Bridesmaid on February 17, 2012
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Picking the bridesmaids and the maid of honor is really a complicated thing, because you want around you only the persons that are close to you and that you may rely on. We know and we understand why this is tough, but you will have to be strong and to pick only the girls you want next to you on this big day.

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The first thing that makes this task so difficult for you is the fact that some of the girls may get upset. Well, to be frank some of them will do, but after a couple of days they will get over it and they will be happy to assist you as a bridesmaid or as a simple wedding guest.

Who shall be my maid of honourCredit

Who shall be my maid of honour

Therefore, do this task quickly, in order to get it over your chest. Also, because we know that you need more help when solving this delicate problem, we have found a great website where you could find more answers to your questions.

However, before solving this task, you will have to decide which one of your girls would make a fine maid of honor. Well, if you don’t have a sister, then you surely have a best friend (that girl to whom you share even the most “shameful” secrets) who would be happy to be next to you in this great day.

If you do have a sister who at the same time is your best friend, then your problem seems to be solved. Your sister will be the most reliable person that could “occupy the position of the maid of honor at your wedding ceremony” so you should stop searching.

But, things get complicated when you have a sister and a best friend and when these are completely different persons. Who will you choose then? The great majority of girls would pick their sisters.

They are part of the family and therefore they deserve to have this task. But, on the other hand, you and your sister do not get along very well then you should just name your best friend for this role.

Maid of honour dressCredit

Maid of honour dress

To be more precise, it seems that the maid of honor should be the person that understands you the best and that it is ready to do whatever it takes, just to help you; regardless if it is a member of the family or not.

So, choose this person with you heart and make sure that the girl you will pick will be ready to face and accomplish her duties.

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