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White And Red Contrasts For Bridal Bouquets Are Better

Posted in: Flowers on March 17, 2011
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A bride’s bouquet is something symbolic. There are so many options of making a bridal bouquet and so many types of flowers, that it is impossible not to find something you like and to match your wedding dress. Keep in mind that contrasts are nice and please the eye!

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Are you wondering what I am referring to? Well, I am referring to the contrast between the bridal bouquet and the wedding gown. It is pleasant to the eye to see a red bridal bouquet and a white or cream wedding dress. Although you might disconsider this idea, red bridal bouquets are very popular. Many brides opt for this combination of colors. Red and white is a wonderful combination.

Red Wedding BouquetsSource

Red Wedding Bouquet

If you don’t know what this combination of colors is so famous and begins to be more and more popular, then you should know the symbolism of these colors. First of all, red is the color that represents power, love, attraction and passion. Secondly, white is the color that will always be related to peace, innocence, purity, simplicity and delicacy. Therefore, it is unnecessary to ask why red and white go together this good.

What flowers are red and are best for a bridal bouquet? As I am sure first comes to your mind, there are the red roses. Although they are very common with bridal bouquets, red roses are one of the best choices in the matter of elegance and beauty. If you want to avoid buying red roses for your wedding bouquet, then you have many other options, such as red gerber, red tulips or red lilies, for example. Also, combinations of red flowers plus other flowers colored in different ways is advised. A bridal bouquet having red flowers is really nice. Just look at the pictures here and you will understand what I am saying.

Red Wedding BouquetsSource

Red Wedding Bouquet

But pay attention to one thing: calla lilies are used only in funerals in some parts of the world, so be careful with this. Although if you come to think of it, red calla lilies are exquisite and something totally different from your usual red flower bridal bouquet.

Besides this, think about the price too. Red roses are not as expensive as red lilies for example. And if you really want a perfect ref flower bridal bouquet, then you should ask a very good florist to do this.

Red Wedding BouquetsSource

Red Wedding Bouquet

Although you probably won’t keep the red bridal bouquet, because you will have to toss it to other ladies as a tradition, you will be proud of your bouquet and then you have to have it perfect, with fresh flowers and well arranged. If you have leaves or several types of decorative grass, it will be even better!

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