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Which Is The Best Bridal Hairstyle

Posted in: Beauty on March 19, 2011
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On the wedding day, the bride will want to look her best. That is why she takes care that every part of her is perfect. Here comes the difficulty in choosing the best and most comfortable hairstyle for the wedding day, due to the fact that is has to look its best the whole day and with the whole dancing and all. So which is the best hairstyle for brides?

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I personally believe that updos are the best type of hairstyle for a bride on her wedding day. There are many types of updos for her to choose from and they are not very complicated. In fact, some of them are very easy and they have a wonderful effect. And let’s not mention the comfort an updo offers in contrast with a hair left the way it naturally is.

Bridal UpdosSource

Bridal hairstyle

As I said, there are many kinds of updos that will make perfect on the wedding day. The names of these updos might sound strange, but if you see the pictures with them, I am sure you will recognize them. Some of the celebrities often turn to updos instead of something else. Therefore, we have simple chignon, braid with a twist, classic French twist, intricate updo and messy updo for example. Of course, these are just a few of them, more and more types of undos existing or being invented maybe even as we speak.

The accessories that match with updos can vary. For example, real flowers can be used in the making of a bridal updo if the bride wishes to. The bad part is that the flower might be damaged or might wilt before it should. Moreover, there are several kinds of pins, such as pins with pearls or crystals or imitation of these, plastic flowers and other beads. The colors can be numerous and it is up to the bride to choose the color she thinks suits her and the wedding gown best.

Bridal HairstyleSource

Bridal Hairstyle

Updos do not necessarily need to have attached a veil, though many have it. Some brides find the veil as always being in the way of everything, thus very uncomfortable, but the veil has its own meaning, being related to the idea of innocence and things like that. If you decided to have attached a veil to your updo, remember that the veil must be a match with the material used in your wedding dress and not to be too long or too heavy to disturb and destroy the updo when it really should not do that.

Bridal HairstyleSource

Bridal Hairstyle

As you can see, updos are maybe the best type of bridal hairstyle for most brides. And here you have some pictures with celebrities that have updos. Use them to be inspired for your own updo!

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