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Wedding Invitations - Envelopes

Posted in: Invitations on March 4, 2011
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Wedding invitations must be chosen very careful. The way they look might even influence the opinion of your guests upon how the wedding will be. Wedding invitations offer a kind of preview on how the wedding will look like. And what is the first thing that you see when you receive the wedding invitation? Of course, the wedding invitation envelope.

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Yes, a good wedding invitation starts with how the wedding invitation envelopes are designed. First of all, you must think about the budget you have and how much you are willing to spend on some envelopes and secondly, what design you would like the wedding invitation envelopes to have.

There are many types of wedding invitation envelopes, from the most simplest to the most extravagant, according to tastes and esthetic eyes, to please every client and to match each wedding ceremony.

Depending on the design of the envelope, receivers can think of how the wedding would look like: the level of elegance, for example can be guessed from a wedding invitation envelope. Yes, trust me, most of the time if not all the time this can be done.

Wedding Invitations Envelopes

Wedding invitations envelopes

Wedding invitation envelopes must have written on them the name of the receiver. This can be done in several ways. For example, the name can be written in letters like the ones used in old books, with winding lines or the name can be engraved in the paper. Both of them look nice and can be widely used. The envelopes can be colored in all sorts of colors. Moreover, they can have different designs, such as tree branches, tribal symbols, abstract shapes and other things like this.

Wedding invitations envelopes

Wedding invitations envelopes

Flower motifs can be used or little paintings or pictures representing something special, related to weddings or to the persons that are getting married and from whom you receive the invitation. Also, the paper can be shiny or smooth, even with sequin, if you want something totally different. The wedding invitation envelopes can even be made with perfumed paper.

There are so many ways in which an envelope for this occasion can be made, that you would not even know all of them and surely cannot count them. And everyday, more and more designs and ideas are born to satisfy even the most eccentric tastes. Just let your imagination flow. You can go to a shop or studio that makes wedding invitation envelopes and ask them if they can make the exact model you want for your envelopes. Of course, this will certainly cost more, but at least it will be original and your own idea. So try this option too and take the others into consideration and think which one is best!

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