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Wedding Cupcakes - You Will Love Them

Posted in: Cakes on April 11, 2011
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Interested in a different type of wedding cake? Bored with the traditional type of wedding cake? Then you should know you have several options, such as wedding cupcakes! The cuteness of cupcakes and the tiny decorations will put a spell on you and you will love them!

Wedding CupcakesSource

Wedding cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes is a really nice alternative to a classic wedding cake, with which everyone is used to. A wedding cupcakes tier can have the number of cupcakes equal with the number of guests. If you wonder if you still need to have a cutting cake moment or if you still want to have a cake cutting moment, then you should not worry, because each wedding cupcakes tier has on top a tier with a cake in the traditional form, usually round or square. Therefore, you will be able to do the traditional cutting of the wedding cake with your spouse, because this is one of the most important and iconic moments in a wedding ceremony.
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Wondering about the designs for the wedding cupcakes? You are not limited in any way. You can have any decoration you want, beginning with specific decorations that can suggest a certain theme or you can have each and one of the wedding cupcakes made in a different way. But of course this means that you will spend more money on the wedding cake. There are also different sizes for the wedding cupcakes and you should try not to get the smallest ones. That wouldn’t look too good, you know.

Wedding cupcakesSource

Wedding cupcakes

Because they can be filled with almost anything, beginning with fruits and ending with the most sophisticated creams, they are good for anyone’s taste. The recipes are simple and you can also have any frosting you want, in any color.

Wedding cupcakesSource

Wedding cupcakes

As you can see, the wedding cupcakes can be a very good alternative to the traditional wedding cake, bringing cuteness to the wedding and making it even more special!

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