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Wedding Cake Toppers

Posted in: Cakes on February 19, 2011
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The wedding cake toppers seem to us as essential elements that make your wedding cake be beautified and obtain an interesting look in comparison with ordinary cakes. Depending on what you’re expecting from your wedding cake to look like you can apply for a wedding cake topper model or another. We’ve thought of some wedding cake toppers models, which are or funny or ordinary; the only thing remaining is for you to apply for one of them!

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Throughout the time the wedding cake toppers have been adapted to the wedding themes or they’ve simply changed their aspect: from the dull figurines that resembled the couple to small little figurines, which inspire love, happiness and joy!

The wedding cake toppers that we’ve taken into account are designed in multiple ways. For instance, the first model that we took into account is made for Afro American couples as well, so this means that you can opt for an ebony option as well and we think that you can’t get more personalized than this!

wedding cake topper

Wedding cake topper

This particular wedding cake topper is placed on a stand, which is also covered with a semi transparent layer of ruffled fabric and we consider this to be like an extra gorgeous visual effect added to this wedding cake.

There’s also the wedding cake topper option which looks like a basket, due to the fact that the stand on which the figurines are placed is continued with a round layer that is made exactly like an arch or a handle. This one is also put on the wedding cake and we think that it symbolizes happiness, beauty and perfection if we take into account the way in which it’s conceived: the circle has in its inside the couple and you know pretty well the symbol of the circle, maybe those two are meant for perfection, although perfection is a relative term….

Wedding cake topper

Wedding cake topper

The bride and groom figurines of this wedding cake topper are realized in a very nice manner, with a wedding gowns, which are really interesting looking and they’re designed to look vivid!

If you’re looking for something really cute, then we’re sure that a wedding cake topper like this one is sure going to do the deal! We’re thinking of a wedding cake topper that is realized with nice details, like hearts, ribbons, bows and flower applications. Such a wedding cake topper seems really appropriate in case you decide to apply for a fairytale wedding theme!

Wedding cake topper

Wedding cake topper

All the small figurines and accessories that we mentioned up to this moment are great to be taken into account if you want a special wedding cake! Not only the details on the wedding cake make it special, but also the ones on top, they’re the ones that matter….

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