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Vintage Engagement Rings

Posted in: Jewelry on June 13, 2011
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Engagement rings have a special meaning and are different from any other kind of ring. They reflect the commitment men make towards a woman they love and by accepting it, women also accept to spend the rest of their lives with the one who proposes. Vintage inspired rings are even more special. They make us think of old times and according to historical accounts, women wore their engagement rings on the third finger of the left hand, the place where the so-called “vein of love” went directly to the heart. This tradition is kept even today and for this reason we have come up with a few examples of rings that will enchant the eye and steal your heart.

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The Mantilla engagement ring is a breathtaking piece of wedding jewelry. It has a 14K oval diamond which is applied on white gold out of which the ring is made. The details in this beauty resemble lace, a characteristic that completes its delicacy and quality. I would feel like a queen from ancient times wearing this engagement ring and I am certain you would get the same feeling.

Vintage engagement ringsCredit

Vintage engagement ring

If you want perfection, it is enough to take a glance at this Natalie 14K ring. Its perfection is given not only through its flawless detailing, but also through its round shape that also suggests circularity and infinity. The diamond has an aquamarine color, which gives the impression of fluidity. The impact of the central gem is doubled due to the other two rows that surround it. This piece of jewelry is what I consider to be art.

Vintage engagement ringsCredit

Vintage engagement ring

Being a non-conformist helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This Lavish engagement ring will mirror the rebellious side in any woman. Although it is not the traditional type of ring, as it has a round black diamond, it is perfect for making the one a man proposes to happy. When I look at this ring, I think about the little black dress that is appropriate for any occasion, whether the one wearing it is at the office or at an elegant party. This is also the case with this superb engagement ring. It is an expression of your not conforming to the traditional rules of the society and one of elegance and style at the same time.

Vintage engagement ringsCredit

Vintage engagement ring

Irrespective of your choice, you should know that a vintage wedding ring will look gorgeous on your finger. It will make you feel like you’re part of someone’s life forever. After all, that is one of the purposes of all engagement rings.

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