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Unusual Wedding Favors

Posted in: Favors on March 11, 2011
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Everybody loves wedding favors. They are the reminders of weddings, little mascots, gifts for the guests that attended the wedding ceremony. You never know what passes through the mind of the bride and the groom regarding what the wedding favors will be. The most common wedding favors are candles. But let’s break the traditional rules and think about something more creative! The impact a unusual wedding favor will have on the guests at the wedding will be far stronger than with classic ones.

Unusual wedding favorsSource

Unusual wedding favors

One of the best options with unusual wedding favors contains sugar! You probably think I am referring to bonbons or chocolate, but no, not really. Because I mentioned unusual wedding favors, then I shouldn’t stick to classic patterns. Therefore what do you think about wedding pops?
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They can be made by master confectioners, and it is all about the details. Just imagine pops coated in what seems to be a bride’s dress and a groom’s outfit. They are adorable! Moreover, fortune cookies! Yes, very little fortune cookies decorated to suggest the idea of a wedding. Confectioners went so far that they even created personalized M&M’s, with almost microscopic symbols and images of weddings. There is a very wide range of unusual edible wedding favors and these are just very few examples. If you are interested in more of this kind, check to see what else confectioners created for the ones with sweet tooth!

Unusual wedding favorsSource

Unusual wedding favors

Unusual wedding favors can refer to something else, too. Tea tin cans, olive and vinegar bottles, flavored honey jars, tongs, wine bottle stoppers, matches, coaster and many other things. Of course, none of them are simple but personalized. This can be done in different ways. For example, the picture of the newly weds can be attached instead of the label on a jar, or their names can be engraved on coasters. And this is not all. It is not compulsory for the unusual wedding favors to have something strictly related to the bride and the groom. More traditional symbols can also be used, such as hearts or wedding outfits on unusual objects, such as wine bottle stoppers.

Unusual wedding favorsSource

Unusual wedding favors

Creativity is infinite in this field. All the time wedding favors are crafted with the help of the most unusual objects, like the ones I listed above. Who knows what unusual wedding favors will be made next?

Before deciding on a specific unusual wedding favor for your wedding, be sure to check the price. The cheapest are the edible ones, some of them beginning with a price under one dollar even, so if you are on a low budget, you might want to check them out better!

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