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Types Of Necklines In Bridal Gowns

Posted in: Gowns on July 22, 2011
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The shape of the neckline is really important sometimes, especially if we’re speaking of the bridal gown, because depending on your features and body shapes you can apply for a certain shape for this part of the dress.

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So, it’s essential to determine in due time what shape will emphasize you the most and in the same time you are going to observe which bridal gown will suit you more than another. It can happen for a model to suit you better than another, while there are some others that can prove to be totally inappropriate for you. This is why; we have taken into account a short guide that ought to help you when it comes to picking the bridal gown.

The halter neckline

types of necklines in bridal gownsCredit

Types of necklines in bridal gowns

There is a considerable number of brides who would love to wear a halter neckline bridal gown, but in the same time you have to make sure what message you want to transmit, because you are not going to look like ripped from a story with it on.

So, our piece of advice is that you shouldn’t wear the bridal gown with halter neckline if you do not have beautiful shoulders or toned arms. Also, we find such pieces ideal for mignon brides, in order to make them look taller. This type of bridal gown will create a balance between the lower side of the body and this is in case you have small thighs.

The boat neckline for the bridal gowns

So, if you want to apply for a vintage inspired bridal gown with a romantic air, then we find this model totally suitable.

This type of bridal gown follows the line of the shoulder, so if you have a thin neck, really elegant and with straight shoulders, this type of bridal gown is totally for you. In the same time, this model will be appropriate for the brides with narrow shoulders, because it makes them look wider.

So, if you have really wide shoulders, then stay as far as you can from a bridal gown that has boat neckline, because it will make you look too wide. Also, it’s not indicated for the brides with bigger bust.

A strapless bridal gown with a straight neckline

Types of necklines in bridal gownsCredit

Types of necklines in bridal gowns

This is the most encountered model of bridal gown and it’s really appreciated both by the designers and the brides as well. In case you are looking for something elegant, if you have toned arms and straight shoulders, this is the perfect wedding gown for you. Another thing that concerns such bridal gowns is that these permit you to wear lots of pieces of jewelry and we recommend it in the situation in which the bride is a mignon.

In case you do not have a voluminous bust, then probably such a bridal gown is not going to offer you the support you need and also you shouldn’t let body parts uncovered, add pieces of jewelry and so on….

In order to make the right decision, there is the needed of trying on as many models of bridal gowns as possible and study yourself well and see what features you have. Our pieces of advice will come in handy, if you take into consideration what we have to say.

The curved neckline in bridal gowns

This type of neckline is deeper than the heart shaped type, making it easy to be worn. Such a neckline is appropriate for all women, in the case in which there’s a prominent bust, this cut will sustain it with ease, and for those with small breasts they will be offered the curves that they need.

You need to pay attention to the height of the neckline, to the sustaining that the wedding dress has to offer or the intimate lingerie that you wear in order for the curved neckline to offer the impression of double bust.

The V neckline in bridal gowns

Types of necklines in bridal gownsCredit

Types of necklines in bridal gowns

A bridal gown with such a neckline is perfect if you want to emphasize the bust and it offers you the opportunity of letting the pieces of jewelry have a special shine.

Such a wedding gown is appropriate in the case in which you want to emphasize the pluses in the area of the bust. If you do not have a prominent bust, then you should pick a push – up bra. Also, the size of the angle varies as well; the straps can fall on the shoulders, hiding sharp shapes.

In the case in which you have small breasts, avoid V necklines because these will not show you in a good light.

Heart shaped neckline

Types of necklines in bridal gownsCredit

Types of necklines in bridal gowns

We have mentioned about it previously and it’s between the most common preferences at the level of bridal gowns. These types of wedding gowns have a romantic cut and in the same time you will be offered an innocent look through the shape of the heart of the neckline. It’s a cleavage that is suitable for the brides with a voluminous chest, who want to be sexy and great looking.

Such a neckline exposes the area of the chest, so if it’s not your plus, then get oriented towards another shape, for example the halter neckline wedding dress.

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