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Tips For Great Looking Lips In Bridal Makeup

Posted in: Beauty on July 8, 2011
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Your lips are between the main attraction points in your bridal makeup and in general in your life as a woman. Who does not love to have healthy and great looking lips? Like in the case of the brows, the hair or nails, you have to pay close attention to how your lips look, especially in the bridal day. You have to make sure that your bridal makeup looks flawless and in the same time, you maintain your lips moisturized and healthy. As long as you have gorgeous lips, in this manner you ensure a healthy and beautiful smile that will be immortalized forever in your wedding photo album.

tips for great looking lips in bridal makeupCredit

Tips for great looking lips in bridal makeup

So, besides being an important part of your bridal makeup, your lips tend to be “really used” in the night of your wedding, because you have to smile and talk with the guests and this means that they have to be correctly covered with makeup. Find out what it takes to have seductive lips while you use our favorite tricks and in this way you will have a gorgeous bridal makeup.
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In order for your lipstick to last more in time we recommend you to use crayon on the entire surface of your lips, exactly before you add it on them. If it’s needed, then apply the product on the palms of your hand in order to avoid the lines that can appear after you use this beauty product.

Tips for great looking lips in bridal makeupCredit

Tips for great looking lips in bridal makeup

If you are wishing for a warmer tone on your lips, without too many applications, then we recommend you to add some lip gloss with gold particles over the lipstick. In this manner you create the impression of mild for every nuance.

You can have perfectly symmetric lips and round without using a contour kohl and the makeup foundation can help you at this level: use it in the center of the superior lip and spread it with care in order to obtain the wanted shape.

Not sure yet of what tone of pink you would find to be more suitable for you? In order to find the appropriate color, you only need to smile. The tone that you wish for your bridal makeup has to be approximately in the same color of your gums, not brighter than these.

Tips for great looking lips in bridal makeupCredit

Tips for great looking lips in bridal makeup

If you like better how a lipstick looks in its tube, then you can use a trick through which you can keep the same color on the lips. Before using lipstick apply a layer of makeup foundation. In this manner you will start similarly as painting a canvas, which means you start from basis.

For the perfect bridal makeup with nude lips we recommend the use of a powder. Start with a pale pink tone, and then apply a powder that will add a matte effect.

Of course, the wedding makeup is not going to end up as you have wished if you do not take care of your lips in due time before the bridal day.

For this matter we recommend you that some time before the big day you start with paying extra attention to how your lips look, because this is a really important thing. Also, the same things need to be done at the level of the nails, hair, complexion and brows. If you want to look at your best in the bridal day, then make sure you start in due time with taking care of your essential parts! The lips will not look that moisturized if you don’t hydrate them in due time, especially during the extreme seasons, like summer or winter.

Tips for great looking lips in bridal makeupCredit

Tips for great looking lips in bridal makeup

For the lip care part we recommend you to use a product like a special cream or a gloss that will make sure they are just going to look fabulous and soft. Nobody likes when their lips are dehydrated or with areas that contain unpeeled skin – you know very well that there are some cases in which you do not take proper care of your lips and they look kind of unpleasant. In this situation you need to use the product that we have just mentioned about and to this we add the healthy way of eating and drinking lots of water in the same time.

We find these tips extra useful for the right look that one expects for the bridal makeup! All of these being said, we hope that you look as you have always wished for in the most important day of your life, the bridal day….

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