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Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Posted in: Jewelry on March 12, 2011
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Jewelry is an important aspect for women. The more beautiful and the more expensive a woman has jewelry, she feels proud. And indeed why not, because jewelry is something elegant and looks good on a woman. Moreover, jewelry is better at any point if it has precious stones embedded in it. And what is better than one precious stone? Three precious stones!

Three Stone Diamond Engagement RingsSource

Three stone diamond engagement ring

Engagement rings are the first symbol of commitment to a marriage. As you know, women love rings. If it were possible, they would wear a ring on each finger. And because engagement rings are more special than usual rings, the men who buy them need to be very careful on the type and design they choose. And like I said, aim for engagement rings with three stones!
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Now, for the larger pockets out there, I will repeat what I said earlier and add something more: what is better than three stone engagement rings? Easy: three stone diamond engagement rings. Be aware that they are not at all cheap. I believe that the starting price begins at least with a couple of thousand dollars. But hey, they are magnificent and the woman that is happy enough to receive a three stone diamond engagement ring will wear it with a lot of pride, making her friends envious.

Three Stone Diamond Engagement RingsSource

Three stone diamond engagement ring

Three stone diamond engagement rings can be made using any precious metal. There is no limit. I personally like silver or white gold, but that is just me. I prefer the coldness it sheds along with the bright sparkle of a diamond. The diamond cut can be of any kind, beginning with the classic round and ending with a sharp edged square cut. Also, the more carats the diamonds have, the more expensive the engagement ring will be.

The color of the three stone diamond engagement rings can differ. Everybody knows the classic, traditional colorless diamond, but did you know that diamonds can also be brown, yellow, blue, black, pink and orange? Yes, amazing indeed. These are way expensive, due to the rarity some of them have. But coming to think of it, receiving a three stone diamond engagement ring would turn a woman speechless.

Three stone diamond engagement ringsSource

Three stone diamond engagement ring

As a suggestion, if you want something different, you can look for a three stone diamond engagement ring in three different colors. If not, you can stick to the colorless one and buy a special engagement ring. You can try a combination of round cut diamonds with oval cut diamonds for example. Try to be different. Who doesn’t like to wear a unique or at least special three stone diamond engagement ring?

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