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Things I Should Know About Winter Outdoor Weddings

Posted in: Venues on January 10, 2012
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Outdoor winter weddings are not very popular, but still not impossible to do. As a matter of fact they are very special and unique, so if you would fancy something like that you would better plan an outdoor wedding ceremony. Anyway, before starting making plans you would better read the following lines, because we will offer you all the information you might require.

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First of all, you should know that now with this global warming, winters are not what they used to be: they are more gentle and warmth, so that it is possible to plan something crazy, fascinating and yet so fancy and elegant. However, if there won’t be any snow on your wedding day, but you desire to have something like this so badly, then you should think about having some artificial snow. Even though it will create a fake effect, you will have the décor of a proper winter wedding.

Things I should know about winter outdoor weddingsCredit

Things I should know about winter outdoor weddings

Also, you should be aware of the possibility that even if you will benefit from a gentle winter, the temperatures might not be as high as you have expected. So, prepare for the unexpected and have a backup venue, in case it will be too cold outside. The easiest way for you, because I believe you would like to save some money, would be to have the day wedding ceremony at your house. If it is too cold everything will take place in a fancy room of yours, which you have beautifully decorated, but, if the weather will be fine and if the sun will be a witness of your union, then your backyard should be just fine for the outdoor ceremony.

The reason why we have suggested something like this in the first place is due to the fact that the winter décor is a fascinating and charming one. Everything is pure and white and if you are lucky enough and it snows in your important day, you will have some wonderful wedding pictures.

Things I should know about winter outdoor weddingsCreditCredit

Things I should know about winter outdoor weddings

But, you should remember that it is winter after all, so you should wear something that will keep you warm and that will allow you to enjoy your one of a kind and beautiful ceremony. Also, keep in mind to remember your guests this criterion, because you wouldn’t want them to catch a cold due to your nuptials.

So, this is what you should know before deciding something like this. However, we sense the necessity to stress the importance of having a backup plan, in case thing won’t work out the way you planned.

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