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Themed Wedding Cakes

Posted in: Cakes on March 14, 2011
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Having an original wedding cake makes your wedding ceremony special and interesting, even unforgettable. The more untraditional it is, the more impact it will have on your guests. You might wonder what options you have. Oh, you have no idea how many and diverse options you have!

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Themed wedding cakes are the cutest! But before anything else, you must be sure that the wedding cake is as delicious as it looks, because even if the wedding cake looks amazing, if it doesn’t taste good, then it is useless.

Themed Wedding CakesSource

Themed Wedding Cake

Themed wedding cakes can be of a lot of kinds. For example, you can take into consideration the season you will have your wedding in an order a spring, summer, autumn or winter themed wedding cake. They will include elements and colors specific to the season you chose. You can have autumn leaves, spring flowers, summer beach umbrellas and snowflakes to make the decorations for your wedding cake.

The colors can include a wide range of shades, as much as they can be made in a confectionery will all sorts of colorants. The themed wedding cakes can even have weird colors, such as brown, dark orange, bright yellow, aqua blue and forest green. Whatever pleases your eyes and is suited with the season you chose.

Moreover, a themes wedding cake doesn’t only imply having a wedding cake decorated due to seasons, but any other theme too. For example, you can have sports themed wedding cakes, which will include decorations like baseball bats, football t-shirts, fishing rods, dancing shoes and any other specific elements that different sports have. Sports themed wedding cakes can have a lot of funny decorations, probably more than other types of themed wedding cakes.

Themed Wedding CakesSource

Themed Wedding Cake

These themes for wedding cakes might have a significance to you, but you can also try wedding caked with themes such as the sea, the forest and a tea party, for example. It doesn’t necessarily need to mean something, it has to be nice and creative. The nicer and more creative they are, you will see the effects on your guests and not only! And what I suggested here are a very few examples of themed wedding cakes.

Why not have a special themed wedding cake if it is possible. Not all of them are expensive. And you have to take into consideration the number of guests that will attend your wedding party. Check with confectioneries and see what they have to offer!

Themed Wedding CakesSource

Themed Wedding Cake

And because themed wedding cakes are all about funny and creative, then I will suggest to you a funny quote by James Thurber that states that The most dangerous cake is the wedding cake. I would like to know what you think about that and if you find it as funny as I do!

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