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The Unwritten Rule Of The Wedding Music

Posted in: Music on January 11, 2012
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When it comes to the wedding music there is an unwritten rule that it is compulsory for you to meet. This rule goes like this: one must not include sad songs in the list containing their wedding music. The purpose of a wedding reception is for every wedding guest to have a great time, to dance, and to enjoy themselves, as a result sad music is somehow “forbidden” at weddings.

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Of course that slow music, such as romantic ballads may be performed at your nuptials, but the thing is that nothing should ruin the good time and great wedding atmosphere. Therefore, my dear bride and groom make sure that the rhythm on the dance floor will be alert and vivid.

When it comes to sad music, anything could classify as such, because if there is a song that revives bad memories it is more than necessary to skip it. To be more precise, we stress the importance of the wedding song list, because everything should be perfect on this grand day and therefore nothing should make you feel blue.

In our opinion you should behave just like Santa: make a list and check it twice. It is compulsory that you respect this rule strictly, because the entire wedding joy and happiness depends on this criterion. So, have your favorite tunes and songs, include some classic melodies, but at the same time make sure that all elegant and party appropriate musical genres will be played at your memorable wedding reception.

Maybe you would think that we give too much importance to this thing, but everybody knows that the music is not something that one could choose randomly. After all, music is the element that creates a great and unforgivable party. Our idea would be for you to have vivid and electrifying music that would combine beautifully with slow, yet not sad songs.

The unwritten rule of the wedding musicCredit

The unwritten rule of the wedding music

And last but not least, one should learn to make the difference between slow and sad songs. It is not necessary for a slow song to be sad. There are many beautiful melodies appropriate for weddings and parties that do not ruin the night just because they have a more slow rhythm.

Keep this in mind: no sad music at your wedding reception will help you throw the most beautiful party ever.

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