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The Right Mother Of The Bride Look

Posted in: Dresses on March 9, 2012
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When one says the right mother of the bride look, then the mother of the groom should pay attention, too, because basically they both must expose an image full of discretion, mystery and elegance. Therefore, both the mother of the bride and that of the groom should read these lines, because they are to their interest.

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Because we are talking about mature ladies, then you will all agree that nowadays terms like refinement, glamour and discretion are important. We say refinement, because together with age a refined behavior is gained and therefore your way of acting in certain situations is highly analyzed and admired.

Mother of the bride dressCredit

Mother of the bride dress

Thus, it is not sufficient to look good, you will also have to make sure that everything you do and everything you say is worthy of a lady. Anyway, I’m sure you already knew that, but after all it wouldn’t hurt to have a reminder that in certain cases you will have to refrain yourself, just because your refinement will depend on it.

The reason why we have mentioned “glamour” is the fact that a lady must always make sure that everything she puts on will result in extreme elegance.

Mother of the bride dressCredit

Mother of the bride dress

After all, your age demands you to set a great example, and therefore, when picking your wedding dress and elegant accessories this should be the first concept that you have in mind. Also, when dressing your hair and when choosing the right hairstyle it should be something that would advantage the shape of your face and your beautiful traits. Anyway, discuss this subject with your hair dresses in detail and together you will make the best decision.

And the last think we have mentioned was “discretion”. Well, a lady looks best when she is discreet and mysterious. Besides that you will have to be discreet with your problematic areas.

Mother of the bride dressCredit

Mother of the bride dress

Thus, if you have a few extra pounds, you should orientate towards empire or A-line dress that would soften the image of your waistline. If you have problems with your neckline area, then a high neckline dress would be your best friend, whereas long evening gowns would help a mature lady cover her legs, in case this is the matter that bothers you.

So, dear mother of the bride and mother of the groom, this is what you should know about the art of looking beautiful and stylish at your child’s wedding ceremony. Keep this in mind and your look will definitely be wonderful.

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