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The Most Romantic Wedding Songs

Posted in: Music on July 29, 2011
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The wedding songs have to ensure a romantic and joyful atmosphere in the bridal day and this means that you have to choose these with as much attention as you possibly can. Of course, there are some songs that are everlasting and it’s impossible to forget about them, but we think that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to offer you such suggestions of wedding songs that are just appropriate for being used in a wedding reception and maybe you missed their names or you simply skipped them without any intention.

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Also, these wedding songs that we’re speaking about can be easily used in every moment of your wedding reception, for the first dance or the other dances, now you make the choices and see which suit your style and way of feeling the most. Maintain a discussion with the orchestra and DJ and see maybe they have other suggestions for you too, as well!

You can offer this petite list to the DJ or band and suggest them to tie together all these, in such a manner that you end up with something that has a continuation.

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Wedding songs

We were thinking of Stevie Wonder’s You are the sunshine of my life firstly! Think of a better message than this one, what can suit your way of feeling more than this, sincerely?

From what we have observed, the most effective and romantic songs are the ones ripped from the last century and sincerely we can understand why! These are suitable for being wedding songs, because they are all about romanticism and great feelings.

What sounds better than playing Frank Sinatra at your wedding and a song like It had to be you? Or how about Etta Jones’ At last? These sound pretty nice and we sincerely recommend them for being used in the reception for creating special moments and you can say indeed that these are romantic wedding songs!

Take into account Dave Matthews Band with the song Steady as we go or Bright Eyes’ First day of my life or Van Morrison’s Crazy love. These are three songs that are totally going to suit the wedding reception truly and we sincerely think that all your wedding guests are going to get goose bumps after listening to these tunes.

Continuing in the same tone of romantic songs that are just great for being used in wedding receptions, we would like to recall Johnny Cash’s Rose of my heart. It’s a song that is totally appropriate for creating a romantic atmosphere in the wedding reception.

There are newer songs that can turn out to be really great for being used as wedding songs, such as Adele’s Make you feel my love. It’s a new song and one that makes you shiver from every little angle, up to the moment in which you feel goose bumps.

Of course, there are particular styles of such songs that you can take into account and this is why we have mentioned previously that you need to keep them in mind and ask the DJ to tie them together. Another important matter concerning this issue is that you decide whether you go on the country area of music or you apply for ballads or oldies. No matter what, this means linking them in a particular way.

Here’s a classic option when it comes to romantic songs and it’s more and more used lately, we’re referring to the song What a wonderful world, very used lately at the level of commercials and not only!

In the following lines, we would like to end this topic with suggesting other wedding songs that you might take into consideration and that can prove to be way good options for the bridal day, such as: Ben Folds’ The luckiest, Allison Krauss and Union Station’s When you say nothing at all, Jason Mraz’s Lucky, Al Green’s Let’s stay together, Joe Cocker’s You are so beautiful, Lonestar’s Amazed, The Beatles’ In my life and so on….

You may be aware of these names and songs, but we thought it would be a great idea to remind them once again, because it would be a real pity if you forget some of these essential tunes and songs, which are totally going to make your wedding reception a romantic and gorgeous one. In other words, make sure that you tie them together and that you make sure that everything is as you have planned it to be!

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