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The Maid Of Honor Wedding Speech

Posted in: General Info on June 6, 2011
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Being a maid of honor is a lot of fun, but it also implies a lot of work. One of the main duties of a maid of honor is the speech she is going to deliver at the wedding. This moment, in the traditional way, is called the maid of honor wedding toast. So if you have had the honor of being asked to occupy this position, it is your job to make the wedding speech as wonderful as possible.

The maid of honor wedding speechCredit

The maid of honor wedding speech

Whether you prepare your toast in advance or prefer to be spontaneous and not rehearse at all, you should know that there are a few aspects worth to be taken in consideration when it comes to your speech. First of all, you need to have your wedding speech during the first half of the wedding, before the guests begin to leave. Then, as you probably already know, your toast has to be focused on the bride.
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There are many options with regard to your maid of honor speech. You could include funny stories that will entertain the guests but will also emphasize you close relationship with the bride. You can also mention some nice stories that the bride shared with you when she and her husband first met. This will make the groom appreciate your friend even more, knowing how important he was from the very beginning.

The maid of honor wedding speechCredit

The maid of honor wedding speech

Other stories you could include in your maid of honor toast could be related to childhood, especially if you and the bride have known each other since you were children. If you want to spice things up for a bit, you must definitely talk about some funny embarrassing moments you and the bride went through together. By doing this, the entire audience will have a good share of laughter.

Another aspect you could relate to when delivering your wedding toast could be a funny habit of the bride that her husband will have to cope with his entire life. Of course that by that moment, the groom already knows his wife’s habits, but mentioning it will bring at least a smile on the guests’ faces. If you wish to be more spiritual, you could make a spiritual statement that will probably be followed by a few tears.

The end of maid of honor speeches usually contains pieces of advice for the bride and groom. Moreover, the wishes you have for the newlyweds, such as happiness, healthy children, success, will prove to be very emotional both for you and your audience. So if you are the kind of person that lets herself overwhelmed by these emotions, it is your maid of honor responsibility to get a good rehearsal, as your toast must be perfect.

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