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The Latest Trends In Bold Wedding Flower Arrangements

Posted in: Flowers on August 2, 2011
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You may be wondering what the latest trends are when it comes to wedding flower arrangements and flowers in general. A thing needs to be established from the very beginning: this year it’s all about bold picks and daring choices! The main words that characterize this year’s trends are glamour, color and sophisticated choices.

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So, we would like to briefly talk about what is in trend whenever it comes to wedding flower arrangements and maybe you are going to make a general idea concerning these and end up with a choice that makes your wedding reception unique and different!

bridal bouquetCredit

Bridal bouquet

The glitter and sparkle isn’t only noticed at the level of the outfit, but it’s observable when it comes to the wedding flower arrangements and bouquets. For this matter we recommend you to consider a bridal bouquet that is designed of brooches or you can add sparkling details in the wedding flowers, both in the bouquets as well as in the centerpieces – this is certainly something that makes the difference.

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Wedding flowers

Bright and bold colors are the ones that surely make the difference, especially if we’re speaking about centerpieces. Just think of the gorgeous visual effect that a colored centerpiece will create together with a table wrap in a light tone. Also, besides the bold colors of the blossoms, you shouldn’t forget to omit adding as many green details and attachments as possible. Don’t forget to dare!

So, at this level, you should apply for wedding flower arrangements that consist of big flower blossoms and in strong colors, maybe with a powerful scent, to make the difference indeed!

wedding flower arrangementsCredit

Wedding flowers

And remaining still at the level of wedding flower arrangements, we would also like to emphasize the fact that you can create a dazzling visual effect with the help of the wraps that you use on the vases of the centerpieces! Yes, as long as you add the right tones and colors on the surface of these wraps, we’re sure that you are going to end up with something that is indeed special and gorgeous looking.

Maybe you were wondering which flowers are considered in trend? Well, certainly orchids are the flowers which make the difference and that create interesting effects if they’re used in centerpieces and the different wedding flower arrangements that you might have.

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