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The Jewelries In The Wedding Bouquet

Posted in: Flowers on January 25, 2013
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Although some of you may find it peculiar to add jewelries in the wedding bouquet, lately this is something that more and more women do, because they want to be fashionable, or simply because this is the best solution for them. If this topic made you curious, in the following lines you will find out why some ladies go for this glamorous, yet unusual wedding trend.

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The first reason some brides use something like this instead of the regular flowers is due to some allergies they may suffer from. As you all know, flower allergies are very common, so it would be best to keep yourself away from risk with something glamorous and elegant as a bunch of sparkly jewelries.

The jewelries in the wedding bouquet

The jewelries in the wedding bouquet

Second of all, if you really want some extraordinary and interesting bridal accessories, you should dare to think outside the box and you should have a wedding bouquet made completely from glamorous jewelries. This will totally make your wedding guests remember you as a special, delicate and luxurious bride, thing that will only please you.

The jewelries in the wedding bouquet

The jewelries in the wedding bouquet

If you are not allergic to flowers, but at the same time if you can not find something that would charm you, then it would be ideal to choose such a bridal bouquet. In this way, you won’t have to worry about withering flowers, unpleasing design or expensive bouquets. Yes! This is something that you could do yourself. How? Well, you will have to gather as many jewelries as you can (preferably sparkly brooches) and then you should put them all together in a beautiful bouquet. Also, remember that it would be great if you would orientate towards some nuances that will respect the color palette of your wedding ceremony.

And last but not least, brides should choose these details for their wedding bouquets, if the theme of their nuptials is the jewelry one. Having such items in their bridal bouquet will definitely be great for the entire wedding décor and will totally bring a big plus to the wedding atmosphere. So, you should count on these items, because they will make your wedding ceremony look spectacular.

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