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The Great Look Of The Latest Bridal Gowns

Posted in: Gowns on August 9, 2011
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The outfits to be worn by brides and grooms in this spring and summer season are proving to be romantic and detached. As we see it, the colors that are the most used denote a certain state of delicacy and pastel, making place to rough tones and adding some discrete floral motifs. All these are in concordance with the season in which nature revives and light and love are dominant.

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All of these indicate us to go directly towards Karl Lagerfeld’s latest collection that is inspired by porcelain and elegance from about three centuries behind. In coordination with the world crisis, which isn’t omitted, the opulent side of clothing is now substituted with minimalistic elements, of great refinement and delicacy, such as lace or silk. The words that seem to inspire us the most are sensuality, comfort and legerity!

The brides of this year are powerful women that will emphasize their own pluses, like delicacy and sensuality and the accessories are going to emphasize the unique side of this moment, to which there is added a shine air.

The style and the colors of this year’s warm season are going to influence the bride and groom’s outfit, as well as the entire ensemble of the wedding, being inspired by the freshness of nature and the rich palette of the live tones, specific to the warm season.

A subtle game of the extreme that makes sure you’re successful, from elegance and classicism, up to the unusual and the playful – these are the right words that can describe this warm season’s collections of bridal gowns.

What we have observed to be more and more popular in the latest period is related to the gothic style, which has a particular elegance, architectural, creating a special view over the bridal gown, the sculptural side is made in gorgeous silhouettes and the straight lines and the geometrical lines are lost in the line of the bridal gown, conferring a feminine air, like it can be clearly observed in the Chanel collection.

Ladies, the things that matter the most when it comes to the bridal day, especially in this warm season is all about attitude and no matter what you pick in these magic moments should make you feel unique and have a particular attitude. Also, don’t forget that what you pick should be contoured and made according to your wedding, from the flowers, colors and themes used, down to the atmosphere and music. In order for everything to reach perfection, we have tried throughout the latest months to emphasize a little bit what is to be worn and what not, especially when it comes to the bridal day.

the great look of the latest bridal gownsCredit

The great look of the latest bridal gowns

Make sure that the pick that you make is one that covers your style and in the same the, the bridal gown should be a part of you whenever it comes to the bridal day. These are essential things and elements that you need to keep in mind, especially if we’re speaking about the day in which your life will change totally.

Now, we know it’s impossible for you to wear a bridal gown that is designed under the names just mentioned previously (or you can make the impossible, possible), because these turn out to be really expensive, but you can at list get your inspiration and see what can be worn and which can be the starting points when it comes to browsing for a bridal gown for the most important day of your life! Just don’t forget about the attitude and recall that your groom should take advantage of this attitude as well, he has to wear his suit with a particular air, an air that will make the difference and that will make the two of you feel indeed ripped from a story.

Just imagine the two of you: walking on the isle, going towards the one who makes the ceremony and ending up one in front of the other, while you are so emotional, you admire yourselves and in the same time you can’t believe that you’re one in front of the other and the big moment has just arrived! The moment in which you two become an entire and you share each one’s life forever.

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