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The Controversy Of Black And White Wedding Dresses

Posted in: Dresses on December 20, 2011
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I know that there had been many discussions on whether to wear a black or white wedding dress at your nuptials. Especially, that now famous designers, such as Vera Wang, had started to promote more and more the special beauty, charm and elegance of the black dresses. Therefore, since it is a subject that has crated many controversies we decided that we shall not give it a rest. On the contrary, we shall bring you more and more information, so that you may take the right decision.

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We have always told you that it is better to be open-minded, but if you can not accept to have a black bridal gown, then it is obvious that you should wear the white version. Our suggestion would be to go for the traditional variant, because it is safer. In this way, you won’t be afraid that your preferences will be severely criticized by your wedding guests.

White wedding dressCredit

White wedding dress

However, if you love to shock and to create surprises, then it is a great idea to go for something as impressive as a black wedding dress. So, break the patterns, forget about tradition and focus only on capturing all eyes on you and thus your aim will be reached.

White wedding dressCredit

White wedding dress

But, besides these obvious criteria, there is something else you should know. Even if black and white define themselves as: the opposite of the other, they have many similarities. Both white and black are elegant and appropriate for stylish events. They are also flattering the body and emphasizing the great points in a bride. And, not to mention that both these shades are simple; which will lead to a better accentuation of your qualities. Therefore, whether you will choose black or white for this occasion, it seems that you will pick them for the same reasons.

Black wedding dressCredit

Black wedding dress

What else can we add? Other than: the subject of black and white wedding dresses is something that will continue to capture the attention of designers and that will be for a long time a controversial matter. Therefore, prepare to listen and to learn more about these things.

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