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The Black Tie Effect On The Groom Suit

Posted in: Groom on August 17, 2011
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Here’s a trend that seems not to fade away so quickly: the black tie! Maybe it doesn’t look that spectacular to you, but with all of these, we find it to be the most elegant and simple option, which in reality is the hardest to make, because each detail is visible. The temptation is that when it comes to the groom, you have to pick the appropriate accessories, luscious, charged with details, embroidered, colored in a violent manner – this will bring you only a cheap and not that fashionable look. Now, it’s your call!

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The real black tie has always been a great option to apply for, it has been worn in all the occasions in elegant outfits, but in this season we have observed how it has been adapted to the fashion tendencies. For example, let’s take into account the 80s and 90s, when the tucks and suits with oversized shoulders have been worn eagerly, also large pants with two lines. This year, the cut for the pants is slim and they follow the line of the body, the same situation stays for the pants.

the black tie effect on the groom suitCredit

The black tie effect on the groom suit

This rule is maintained even in the case of the robust silhouettes, with the addition that a slim cut doesn’t actually mean really tight on the body.

For the year 2011 we have observed how the classic smocking is worn, made of natural silk or even velvet. The closure of the jackets is realized with one or two buttons, never with multiple ones. In the case of the jacket with two buttons, it has always the closure in the upper side, with only one button, never with two. You can pick the option of a groom suit with three pieces and the best is going to be made from the same fabric as that of the jacket or pants. The neck tie doesn’t need to be made from the same fabric as that of the best. There’s also the option in which you can organize a vintage theme wedding reception and in this case you can apply for the two pieces made of the same fabric.

The multitude of models for the shirts permits you to pick the appropriate option according to the face shape and your silhouette. For example the sharp collars are more suitable for a round face and the straight ones are only for the oval or sharp shapes. The wing collars match all kinds of face; in this case the bow tie is what makes the difference. A thin tie is going to be suitable for the sharp or oval faces, while to the round faces we find appropriate a bow tie in classic dimensions.

Like in the case of the bow tie, the thickness of a normal tie is picked according to the face shape. Even if in this season we find suitable for being worn the thin neckties, we shouldn’t omit the refinement of an ample tie, made of natural silk.

Another important aspect when it comes to the groom suit and the look of a groom in general concerns picking the shoes. They have to be made of semi luscious leather or one that is luscious. You should avoid the matte leather, because it’s going to ruin your entire outfit. This season is fashionable to wear thin shoes, with a prolonged shape and round front. We advise you not to wear a clock as an accessory, because after all, it’s a happy moment, when the time doesn’t matter at all, it isn’t pressuring you. If you wish to wear a clock, then pick a model for the evening, which is really elegant, flat and made with a leather band.

These being said, we recommend you to apply for the black tie look, because it’s really in trend and it’s not going to fade away that soon. Also, besides the fact that it’s popular, we have to add that you are going to be offered a really elegant look, sumptuous, which cannot be compared with the case in which you decide to use a colored neck tie or bow tie! So, think from the very beginning, what kind of look would you rather apply for? Is it one that is all about being elegant and making the difference or an aspect that is based on being original and crazy throughout the details and elements that are attached to your suit?

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