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Superstitions Concerning Your Wedding Flowers

Posted in: Flowers on October 12, 2011
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Everyone advises you to use some wedding flowers at your ceremony, because they would improve your wedding background or because they would add a natural touch to your ceremony. However, regardless of the reason why you choose to have flowers at your wedding there are some thing you should know about them, because believe it or not there are some superstitions connected to your wedding flowers.

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Wedding flowers represent fertility, purity, new life and endless love. Therefore, it turns out that it is a must to have flowers at your wedding ceremony.

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Wedding flowers

Because who wouldn’t want such strong symbols to represent his / her wedding day? So, do your best and arrange, purchase or make the most beautiful flower centerpieces for you wedding ceremony.

Another superstition or tradition, which is familiar to everybody, is the tossing of the bridal bouquet. This funny and interesting moment has its origins in Great Britain where it was believed that the bride could forward some of her luck on to her wedding guests, as well.

Superstitions concerning your wedding flowersCredit

Wedding flowers

So, in order to show your guests that you really appreciate their presence, you would better perform this act. However, if you love your bridal bouquet so much, you should purchase two identical bouquets, thus some of your luck will stay within your marriage.

Also, they say that the bride should avoid taking pictures with her wedding flowers in front of her, because this is a sign of break up. Therefore, keep the flowers away, when the bride will take pictures, otherwise be forever responsible for the young and happy couple break up.

Anyway, whether you take these superstitions seriously or not, we believe that some flowers at your wedding ceremony will most likely add a natural and happy touch to your ceremony. Therefore, do not forget to trim your wedding location with some flowers, which are also said to chase away bad spirits.

So, my dear brides and grooms flowers will protect you on your wedding day; which is why it is mandatory to buy floral arrangements for your wedding ceremony!

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