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Summer Wedding Cakes

Posted in: Cakes on April 1, 2011
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Which is the best season for a wedding? Everybody will say summer. It is warm or even hot and you can enjoy the sun and beautiful flowers. Everything is blooming and seems that even plants smile at the caress of the sunbeams. And a wedding cake appropriate for such season is a must to exist!

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Summer wedding cakes are very popular due to their decorations, which include flowers, tree branches with leaves and seashells, starfish and so on and so forth.

Summer wedding cakesSource

Summer wedding cake

Their colors are bright and sometimes even too bright. Most summer wedding cakes are orange, yellow and blue. But it is not necessary to be always like this, because you can find summer wedding cakes with brown frosting and orange flowers for example. All sorts of color combinations are permitted, as long as they suggest summer or have a summer theme.

If you wonder about the taste of the summer wedding cakes, I advise you to get one that even tastes like summer. For example, you can opt for a wedding cake that is fruity, that has oranges, pineapples and lemon. Also, you can have it with forest fruits, such as blueberries, blackberries, redberries and raspberries. And they can be used in a combination with white or milk chocolate. In my opinion these two are the best, because black chocolate suggests to me something in relation to autumn or winter.

Summer wedding cakesSource

Summer wedding cake

But maybe that’s just me. Anyway, if you want a summer wedding cake make sure it also tastes like summer. A splash of fruits in your mouth and a taste of sweet and sour are the best combinations for this kind of wedding cake.

Summer wedding cakesSource

Summer wedding cake

Also, it is nice for a summer wedding cake to have an appropriate summer wedding cake topper, depending on the colors and exact theme of the summer wedding cake. And, as you probably know, the prices rise with the complexity and the ingredients used for the cake. But the result will be a wedding cake with a happy color and a delicious taste!

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