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Strapless Wedding Gowns

Posted in: Gowns on February 12, 2011
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Strapless wedding gowns seem to be worn more and more by brides…. The big advantage around such wedding dresses is that they can be worn during no matter what period of the year and we find this a great thing. You can buy your strapless wedding gown during the spring season and up to the fall season you’re going to be able to wear it with ease.

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In the following lines we tried to share with you various models of strapless wedding gowns, which are designed in different ways, they simply can’t be compared one to the other.

The first model of strapless wedding gown that we took into account is realized of shiny fabric, which is going to offer you entirely a gorgeous look. There’s also the sweetheart neckline that we want to mention about, the tiered details on the surface of the corset and the embroidered details underneath the chest.

strapless wedding gown

Strapless wedding gown

The skirt is realized in multiple ruffled areas and they’re done with rosette details here and there on the skirt and in the back side of the train.

If you’re really fond of embroidery then the next strapless wedding gown is definitely the right one for you. This one is made almost entirely with embroidered details: on the bodice, on the skirt and continuing in the back side on the train. Let’s also mention that you’re going to observe the well delimited area of the waistline, which is realized through a shiny ribbon made in white tone.

strapless wedding gown

Strapless wedding gown

If you really want to look like a princess then this strapless wedding gown is sure going to do the job. It’s realized with an embroidered corset with sweetheart neckline that is continued in the back side with V line, which is going to uncover your shoulders and back as to emphasize just how gorgeous you look entirely. There’s the wide skirt, which is made with multiple layers of semi transparent fabric and with embroidered details on the superior side. The flower detail on the left side will make the image of this strapless wedding gown indeed interesting and great to apply for.

strapless wedding gown

Strapless wedding gown

If the previous model didn’t seem to satisfy you enough, then this lat one is sure going to do the job and it’s going to make you look like a princess as well!

strapless wedding gown

Strapless wedding gown

We’re speaking about a strapless wedding dress that is realized with straight neckline and a wide and ruffled skirt. This dress has the corset really great looking with embroidered details on and in the back side it has a V cut.

The skirt is wide and realized only of ruffled details, which continue in the back side with a short train!

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