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Some Tips For The Flower Girls

Posted in: Dresses on April 18, 2012
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Although nowadays many couples decide to settle for something smaller that would include a small and intimate ceremony, there are among us brides and grooms who desire to make everything by the book and to throw a big and beautiful wedding party. Well, these people should learn a few tricks as far as their flower girls are concerned, in order to spice things a little bit and to add a unique touch to their nuptials.

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Everybody knows that the main task of a flower girl is to carry a basket full of flower petals and to throw them, down the aisle, while following the bride.

Some tips for the flower girlsCredit

Some tips for the flower girls

Because some brides are freak controls, and they want everything to look amazing and ideal, they give this task to older flower girls, who understand that it would mean a lot to bride if they completed their job successfully. However, those who desire their wedding to have a fun touch will assign younger flower girls for the job, hoping that they will throw them all in one place, or that they will do other funny stuff.

Some tips for the flower girlsCredit

Some tips for the flower girls

But, if you believe that the flower petals are too outdated, you should explore and find the perfect thing that would replace these items. Try to pick something that will entertain them and that will create a magic effect, at the same time. After all, you do want a nice wedding décor. Our advice for you would be to allow children to have blow bubbles; this will be nice for them, and for you, the adults, too.

Some tips for the flower girlsCredit

Some tips for the flower girls

Also, we must say that we love seeing a flower girl wearing a dress similar to that of the bride, especially if it’s your little girl who will play this role, the effect will definitely be magical. But, if it is impossible for you to find a similar dress, or if you don’t have enough time to hire a seamstress to do this for you, then at least a few details should resemble. You should think about this idea thoroughly, because the bridal dress is definitely extremely important for the lady that is getting married.

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