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Some Neat Ideas For An Original Wedding Reception

Posted in: Decorations on July 26, 2011
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The wedding reception is all about sharing emotions and expressing your personal style. Every pick that you make is the perfect reflection of your personality and in the same time it should denote good taste and high quality. In case you do not know what to apply for, then it means you need a helping hand. In fact, couples always need a helping hand when it comes to wedding planning and setting all the arrangements and details for their big day.

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Pay extreme attention to the picks that you make, because they have to totally characterize you and in the same time they have to denote a refined taste – this is what makes the difference indeed. These being said, let us continue with sharing some of our pieces of advice and maybe you are going to end up with the wedding reception that you have always been dreaming of. A wedding reception characterized through petite or bigger details, but which are going to make your event unique.

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Outdoor wedding reception

So, how about we start with some details that can make the wedding reception look indeed interesting and different from others, shall we?

We were thinking of a wedding reception salon that is filled with tables which have table wraps on them, table wraps that are designed in such a manner as to denote fineness and delicacy. For this matter, we’re thinking of table cloths that have on them patterns and they are designed in a great way, of top quality fabrics and this is what makes them look so special and neat.

The centerpieces have to make the difference as well, or the lighting details…. We were thinking of crystal or glass details that will offer a special way of lighting to the tables. They have to reflect light in a great manner and you’ll see just how intimate the entire wedding reception room will look.

some neat ideas for an original wedding receptionCredit

Black wedding reception

Remaining at the level of the lighting, it’s important to make the wedding reception area look pretty lighted and colored in the same time. Make sure that the manner in which the lights are used is playful, but pleasant in the same time and that it’s comfortable as well. These being said, make sure that you use a big range of colors, whenever it comes to the light and that they’re close in color as well – like in the case of the wedding flower arrangements and other details….

The idea with the Swedish buffet is not bad at all! But how about making a special corner for the sweets, how does it sound to you? After the guests have served the desert, we think that it would be a marvelous idea to eat some suits, but to have the possibility of picking among them, this is the most important thing of all…. If you have a big variety of sweets and you arrange them in a corner that is pretty lighted, then we don’t see why you shouldn’t end up with a really gorgeous event.

Some people can get inspiration from their traditions and this is what can make their wedding reception so unique. The modern people being so enchanted of the idea of novelty, they leave behind ideas and elements that stand at the basis and really make the difference! Think of elements and details that recall of traditions and good taste and you are going to see just how fine your wedding reception is going to look like.

Colors can also be a good starting point for your wedding reception and making it different! We were thinking that you can mix colors and several ideas in such a manner as to end up with a really colored wedding reception that is certainly something that makes it special apart from others.

Another neat idea with which you can make the difference in your wedding reception is certainly this one consisting of banners with flowers and paper. So, think of panels made of ruffled paper that simply stand on the margins of the wedding reception salon and light all around. We’re sure you didn’t encounter this idea in other places and in the same time we totally recommend you to use contrasting or complementary colors, they always work!

These being said, we hope that we could be useful in a way or another in what concerns your wedding reception and in the same time that you end up with something that really makes the difference!

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