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Short Hairstyle Is Not An Issue In Weddings

Posted in: Beauty on April 18, 2011
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You chose to have your hair cut short. It is much comfortable, you don’t need to keep a daily care of it or to even comb it, for that matter. But now you are getting married and you probably wonder what you are going to do with your hair, how to make it festive. Well no worries, there are several ways to have a wedding hairstyle for your short hair!

Short Wedding HairstyleCredit

Short wedding hairstyle

For your short hair there are several things to do to look good for a wedding. You can use a band, for example. Or even flowers, if you have a short to medium hair style. You can even wear a veil, because it can be attached to your hair with the help of pins. And you can find a lot of nice pins, with or without rhinestones and things like that, to match your wedding gown, of whatever kind you choose it to be.
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Another good thing about wearing your hair short is that you will not suffer from the hot days of summer. Long hair always gets in the way and needs much more care and it also is uncomfortable, like I said, in summer, because it makes you accept the hot of summer even harder. You can even highlight some locks of hair in any color you want, but try not to have them too different from your natural hair, because it will look not that good in a wedding.

Short Wedding HairstyleCredit

Short wedding hairstyle

If you have enough hair, you can even have it a bit waved, it will look romantic and will make you even more feminine than you already are. And you can do it yourself at home with not so much of a headache. You can even use real flowers, but little ones. You will look like a princess on your wedding day, although you have short hair. As you can see, this is not an obstacle.

Short wedding hairstyleCredit

Short wedding hairstyle

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