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See The Ugly Face Of The Wedding Cake

Posted in: Cakes on September 30, 2011
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Are you thinking about the design of your wedding cake, already? Well, you should read this article first, in order to know what you should avoid when picking your cake. After all, one has to see the ugly face of the wedding cake, too, before purchasing the appropriate model.

We’ve said so many times that your wedding cake should be grand, but still it shouldn’t have to be enormous. Many couples think about having an elaborated design for their wedding cake, just because of the fact that they will have many wedding attendants. We understand you concern, but still your wedding cake shouldn’t be tacky, just because you’re going to have many guest.
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Think about something big, but elegant at the same time. For instance, you could purchase two wedding cakes, and at the “slicing the cake” moment, you could bring only one of them. And then, in the cuisine the chefs will slice the cakes so that they will be sure it will be enough for everybody.

Or, you could buy only one cake, as long as you will make sure not to over load it. Therefore, you may pick one big cake, but it should expose a delightful design, like a pure white model or a black and white pattern.

See the ugly face of the wedding cakeCredit

Ugly wedding cake

It is highly recommended to avoid flashy colours, because people will think that you cake contains so many chemicals that it will definitely be hard for them to eat it. But, if you are planning on emphasizing a strong colour at your ceremony, let’s say red, you are highly welcomed to combine this colour with a neutral one.

Also, be very careful when picking your cake accessories. Some ribbons would look good as long as they would have a small size and ad long as they would add a touch of glamour and elegance at your wedding cake. Also, you should avoid inserting an enormous cake accessory like a fish tank, because instead of exposing your love for fish it will be flashy and ugly.

Oh, and you should totally avoid having morbid accessories at your wedding such as two skeletons as a wedding cake topper or, even tacky a cake statue of the bride and the groom. No one would like to eat a skeleton or the nose of the groom, so be very careful when choosing your wedding cake.

Therefore, you have been warned and the ugly face of this culinary item has been exposed. From now on, everything is up to you.

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