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Save The Date Wedding Magnets

Posted in: General Info on March 30, 2011
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Magnets are those things that can stay glued to metals very easy. They are the reminders of things of all kinds. Also, they are good as being offered as gifts. So why shouldn’t magnets be used as reminders of weddings?

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Wedding magnets are usually called “save the date magnets”, meaning that they actually preserve the moment of the wedding as being only of the man and women that tied their destinies until the end of time. And for us people memories are very important, be them good or bad. But when something is good, well that is something to keep safe and you need to “save the date”!

Save the Date Wedding MagnetsSource

Save the date wedding magnets

Of course, “save the date” wedding magnets can be offered as wedding favors for everybody that attended the wedding. They are not very expensive and they are really nice. Also, these magnets can be put anywhere you have a little metal. Most of the people put magnets on fridges, but it is up to you where you put it.

Save the Date Wedding MagnetsSource

Save the date wedding magnets

“Save the date” wedding magnets can have all sorts of shapes, but most of them are square or rectangular. They have a picture with the bride and the groom or with the couple dressed casual. But if you want to try something different, you can order “save the date” magnets with a caricature of you and your spouse as a newly wed couple or with a specific element that was predominant at your wedding (especially for themed weddings).

Also, pictures of hearts on magnets along with the names of the bride and the groom and the date are welcomed, this being the easiest way to make a “save the date” wedding magnet. You can also use pictures with flowers, they also look nice on the wedding magnets.

Save the date wedding magnetsSource

Save the date wedding magnets

Before ordering them, be sure of how many to ask, therefore avoiding to remain with more magnets than the number of guests you have or the other way round, to be short of them. Also, if you make these wedding magnets funny, they will be appreciated even more by your guests!

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