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Plan Your Ceremony As Soon As Possible

Posted in: Wedding Day on October 14, 2011
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The question you have been waiting for all of your life has finally been asked to you. There has been a touching and beautiful moment: he pooped the question, you started to cry, and said yes, he has kissed you, you have hugged … and so on. But, now that you have waked from those charming moments, you have a big question in your mind. When will you start the preparations for your wedding ceremony?

Plan your ceremony as soon as possibleCredit

Plan your ceremony as soon as possible

And the answer is very simple: you will have to start right away. Well, to be frank the first thing you will have to clarify will be the date of your wedding. But, we believe that you would better have your wedding at least one year after the big proposal. In this way you will have plenty of time to plan everything, even the slightest detail.
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Because you will have so much time at your disposal, you may have your wedding taking place in the exact day you have been dreaming of, i.e. the day of your anniversary, or the birthday of one of you. So, think what day will be best for your wedding ceremony, thus trying to find the best wedding season, too.

Also, even if the wedding superstitions say that it would mean bad luck if the bride or the groom will get married in the day of their birthday, we would like to say that it would be useless to listen to old traditions, rites and rituals. Of course that you could add some to your ceremony, in order to add some colour, but still you shouldn’t postpone your wedding because of old wedding superstitions.

Plan your ceremony as soon as possibleCredit

Plan your ceremony as soon as possible

However, you shouldn’t either take it easy just because you have a whole year to plan your wedding. You should start looking for a restaurant, book it, you should find the best accessories, your apparel; in short you should take advantage of this time, in order to have everything read for the big day.

So, my dear friends, you should start your preparations as earlier as possible, you should be determined, and last but not least you should communicate and agree with every decision concerning your wedding ceremony.

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