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Personalized Wedding Picture Frames

Posted in: Photography on June 20, 2011
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Wedding pictures are those memories that can be materialized and will last forever.  If you want your wedding picture to be special, you need a special frame as well that will actually highlight the picture. Common picture frames are good, but since your wedding constitutes such an important event in your life, you have to make sure that the memories regarding this amazing day will be kept in the most unique way. For this exact reason, we have come up with a few examples of original, personalized wedding picture frames.

Personalized wedding picture framesCredit

Personalized wedding picture frame

This glass photo vase is absolutely beautiful for the simple reason that you picture will stay among flowers. Just think about the contrast between your white wedding dress, you husband’s white or black tuxedo, and the wonderful and bright colors of the flowers. It will create magic.
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Moreover, through their delicacy and sweetness, those flowers will enhance the beauty of the picture itself.

Personalized wedding picture framesCredit

Personalized wedding picture frame

Many couples choose to frame their wedding invitation. This is a nice way of keeping the memory of the most important day of your life alive. This Lenox Forevermore invitation frame is superb and classy. Moreover, you can attach to the wedding invitation a picture of you and the one you have chosen to spend your life with, either from your wedding or a photo that is close to your heart and reflects a special moment in the time you two have been together. The heart shaped motif makes this frame even more desirable.

Personalized wedding picture framesCredit

Personalized wedding picture frame

Another double-framed picture frame is the Vera Wand Love Knots. Its classic silver style matches perfectly a chic personality.

Moreover, this couture frame could not only add class and a beautiful memory to your house, but it could also be a wonderful gift for your parents or your closest friends. The double frame is a big advantage, as it allows you to include two wedding photos that you like most.

Personalized wedding picture framesCredit

Personalized wedding picture frames

If you want to keep the little gifts from your wedding in an elegant and stylish place, this glitter photo box is absolutely the best choice. It is not only a box, but it has a picture frame as a lid as well. This makes it extremely practical and a must have. The glitter accent border offers it a glamorous touch and will make your wedding picture even brighter.

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