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Personalized Tins As Wedding Favors

Posted in: Favors on March 18, 2011
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Choosing the best wedding favors is not an easy thing. Usually, you need to match the wedding favors with theme of your wedding ceremony or to have something that will remind your guests about your wedding. That is why wedding favors exist. But don’t you think that edible wedding favors are better?

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When talking about edible wedding favors, my first thought goes to tins that contain something sweet inside. Most things that come in personalized tins are mints, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the bon – bons inside have to be with menthol. They can also be filled with chocolate, acid drops and fruit drops for example. They will make great wedding favors even for guests that do not really have a sweet tooth. And referring to mints, you do not know when they might come in handy!

Personalized Tins as Wedding FavorsSource

Personalized tins as wedding favors

There is a more important part with the personalized tins as wedding favors, apart from what they offer inside: the design of the personalized tin. That is what makes a wedding favor actually be a wedding favor. They way it reminds the guests about the wedding ceremony is important, that is why there are a lot of ways to personalize tins.

For example tins can have engraved the name of the newly wed couple along with the date of their marriage. But this process is not really an easy one and it is much more expensive than going with the common stickers. Of course, these stickers must be personalized to have a connection to the wedding ceremony. Personalized tins used as wedding favors can also include a picture or caricature of the bride and the groom, not necessarily having them dressed in the wedding outfits.

Personalized tins as wedding favorsSource

Personalized tins as wedding favors

Moreover, if the wedding has a specific theme, such as a certain color being predominant or a sports based theme, such as football for ones that love this sport or a fairytale based theme, this must be taken into consideration, because the personalized tins will have to have a relation to the theme. The sticker can contain elements such as autumn leaves, seashells, hearts, a specific color and so on and so forth.

Personalized tins given away as wedding favors are pretty cheap, therefore making them a nice wedding favor for guests that attend the wedding. After eating what is inside, these personalized wedding favors can also be used as recipients for other bon – bons or anything else you think might get in those little tins. I even heard of people that used them as recipients for tobacco.

Personalized tins as wedding favorsSource

Personalized tins as wedding favors

So as you can see, personalized tins are a good pick for wedding favors and will please your guests and remind them about your wedding!

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