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Perfume For The Wedding Day

Posted in: Beauty on January 15, 2011
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All the big designers seem to think of their public in this fall – winter season so they launched many spectacular aromas for a season full of savor and elegance.

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We’ve selected the most appropriate perfumes that you can apply for in this season if you’re a bride and want to have a special odor in your wedding day, one that is refined and that isn’t going to fill the room – a delicate one which is going to be felt by each of your guests but in a vague manner. The range of selection is a big one so; you’re not going to encounter any difficulties when it comes to the perfect perfume.

Let’s start with our first suggestion: Shalimar eau de perfume by Guerlain. This particular perfume has oriental aromas and a spirit really close to the debut of jazz, approximately next to 1925.

Shalimar is the perfect pick for a retro bride. If we take into account that the bottle of the perfume has been created by Jade Jagger, then it’s a must have.

The next idea we have is Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. This one is designed after the famous diamond of 140 karats, the Regent.

The Lady Million perfume is supposed to become a classical aroma for the women who want to feel caressed by an opulent perfume. The orange touches and the tones of jasmine and gardenia are the ones that mark the perfume.

Womanity by Thierry Mugler is the next pick we have to share with you. This particular perfume is eclectic and with sweet tones of figs – this is what Thierry Mugler proposes for the fall of 2011. Surely, a perfume that many of you are going to have in their beauty pouch….

Daisy pop art eau de perfume by Marc Jacobs…. This is the last pick that we have to share with you. Marc Jacobs seems to continue with enchanting us with Daisy, this type it added to the perfume playful tones, similar to those from the pop art movement. With a red bottle, Daisy seems to be a must have of this fall – winter season.

No matter on what perfume you decide it’s important to feel special in your wedding day and we think that through the appropriate type of perfume you’re going to complete this and end up with a really interesting look and you’re going to feel really great in your wedding day.

As a bride, you have to be sure that you make the appropriate choices up to the tiniest details so this means that it’s really important to take into account the aspect of the perfume for which you’re going to apply for in the wedding day.

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