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Perfect Eyebrows

Posted in: Beauty on January 13, 2011
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Some eyebrows that are correctly tweezed mean so much when it comes to your face expression. The correctly tweezed eyebrows can change totally the way in which you look this is why it’s important to approach as you should this aspect.

Tweezing the eyebrows correctly is a part of the skin care process and it’s recommended to apply for the help of a specialized person in this domain, most of all if it’s the first time you get your eyebrows tweezed.  You could even try doing this in your household but it depends on how comfortable you feel.

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Here are some tricks that ensure a perfectly balanced figure and most of all if you decide to look perfect in the wedding day.

First of all, your eyebrows have to be longer than the line of the eyes. The eyebrows accentuate the look of the eyes; they’re going to have to be always longer than the eyes. If you try to tweeze your eyebrows too much then you risk looking like a clown.

If you apply for tweezing the eyebrows too thin then your eyes aren’t going to be that accentuated, they’re not going to be defined and your face is going to look really unpleasant. If you adventure yourself in getting tweezed in your home it’s necessary to have some ideas in what concerns anatomy and being handy from an artistic point of view.

Pay attention to the skin around your eyes, because it can get really easy harmed and it’s really sensitive in the same time. For example, in case you have a round face, the ideal shape of the eyebrows is that easily arched towards the end.

If you have square shaped face and prominent jaws then the eyebrows should definitely be thicker and easily arched. In the case in which you have close set eyes then you have to insist more on the area at the basis of the eyebrows in order to confer the sensation of making the eyes look bigger.

If you have deep set eyes you have to make sure you emphasize on the extreme sides in order to narrow the angle and to create the image of close set eyes. The shape of the eyebrows can be offered with the help of tweezers with sharp endings. But you have to make sure that you don’t ruin the eyebrows or change their shape too much.

After finishing with tweezing your eyebrows, clear the area with the help of a tampon that is placed in a lotion to close the pores and to make sure that you disinfect the area.

In the case in which you can’t handle that great tweezers then we recommend you to go to a professional. You don’t want to look horrible in your wedding day, do you?

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