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Old Wedding Traditions With A New Twist At My Wedding

Posted in: General Info on March 22, 2012
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Everybody knows that old wedding traditions give a special décor, image and picture to a couple’s nuptials. However, we believe that one should spice things up at the wedding ceremony, by attaching a new twist to these old wedding rituals. In this way, at the end of the day you will feel that your ceremony had enough of your unique ideas and strong personality.

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A great tradition that we all appreciate and cherish is the one in which the father of the bride gives his daughter away to her husband. He walks her downs the aisle and offers her his shoulder on this beautiful path, showing her that he will always be there for his little daughter.

Old wedding traditions with a new twist at my weddingCredit

Old wedding traditions with a new twist at my wedding

And because some brides would like to show their love and appreciation to both of their parents, they make it so that the “giving away” is made by both the mother and the father. In this way, you will feel them close to you in your last moments as an unmarried woman. Not to mention that this moment will offer you the possibility of including great pictures to the wedding album.

Still in the wedding traditions area, we would like to share with you some wisdom from the Turkey culture. At these weddings it is accustomed for the single ladies to write their names on the sole of the bridal shoes.

At the end of the party, the name that lasts longer is that of the person who will get married next. In other words, what we are trying to say is that if you believe that the wedding bouquet tradition is too ordinary, then you could borrow some of other countries’ traditions.

Old wedding traditions with a new twist at my weddingCredit

Old wedding traditions with a new twist at my wedding

And not to mention the wedding tradition that requires the wedding guests to throw rice at the newly weds. As you well know throughout the years this ritual has been improved and nowadays people use even wedding bubble, for a new and modern appearance.

So, when it comes to old wedding traditions we all have to be creative and ingenious, in order to succeed in creating a modern and cosmopolitan wedding décor. You should not be shy and you should dare to expose your desires, in order to come up with something really magical, new and impressive.

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