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No Stress For Me On My Wedding Day, Please!

Posted in: Wedding Day on March 12, 2012
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Because the planning of your wedding ceremony has been so stressful and exhausting, on your wedding day you would just like to wear a tag that says: “no stress for me, please!” Well, it is possible to have this, sans the tag. You should just follow these instructions and pieces of advice, and thus, what happens on your wedding day will no longer be your responsibility.

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The best answer to your questions and prayers would definitely be a wedding planner. If you have hired a person for this job while wedding planning, then you shouldn’t worry anymore, because this people are professionals and they know exactly what to do, in order to have things done correctly and perfectly. However, if you have done things on your own, then it is a bit late to hire a wedding planner. Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to hire a person just for this day. Maybe you will find someone great for the job with whom you will be able to communicate.

No stress for me on my wedding dayCredit

No stress for me on my wedding day

If you don’t have time to look for this person or if your budget does not allow you to spend any more money, then you will just have to trust and to rely on your wedding party. This means that before the wedding itself and before the wedding rehearsal (in case you are having something like this) everybody will have to know exactly which are his or her duties. You will have to arrange a meeting with this people and you will have to communicate your desires and preferences, just to make sure that on your wedding day nothing will stress or bother you.

Also, it would be very helpful if you would tell your parents that you would like to avoid stress in this glorious day and therefore, they should be in charge in case something bad happens. I’m sure they will understand you and they will do whatever it takes just to make sure that their child is happy and is having a great time. Anyway, here is a useful website that will teach you how to be stress free on wedding day.

In conclusion, you will have to establish a great plan and you will have to make sure that everyone at the wedding will know what to do. Also, you should choose reliable people for the more important wedding tasks and thus, you will not have to worry.

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