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New Information Considering The Color Of Your Wedding Dress

Posted in: Gowns on October 12, 2011
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It is true that the white wedding dress has remained the most popular bridal gown. Still, there are some ladies who desire to break the patterns and to wear something more con-conformist; which is why they purchase coloured wedding dresses. But, before choosing your shade, you should know some things about every color that could be representative for your bridal gown.

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And let’s begin with blue, since for a long time it was considered the most favourite colour for wedding dresses. And you may wonder why? Well, in ancient times it wasn’t white the color that stand for purity, but the symbol of purity was blue. Besides that, every bride who dressed such a gown was considered pure and loyal. Therefore, be traditional and show your fidelity to your groom, by wearing a blue bridal dress.

Colored wedding gownCredit

Colored wedding gown

If you are an Irish bride, than you must certainly know that a green bridal gown stands for good luck in the new marriage. Also, because: usually green is associated with nature, and because usually nature is associated with fertility, than a green wedding dress is considered as a symbol of fertility. And not to mention the fact that nowadays, green is the colour of those who appreciates nature and try to save as much as they can of its resources. So, if you care for these things you should be a green bride, dresses in a green wedding dress.

Colored wedding gownCredit

Colored wedding gown

Princess-like brides would surely appreciate a pink wedding dress, or at leas a pink accessory that would embellish their outfit. Also, this nuance could be representative of gay weddings, though it is not compulsory to choose this colour at such weddings. And of course that this pretty shade is also known as the symbol of true love.

You desire to be the queen of your wedding party, don’t you? Well, then you should wear a purple wedding dress, which naturally stands for wealth and royalty. Therefore, choose this passionate colour for your wedding dress, and no one will forget how distinguishable and pretty you looked on your wedding day.

And last but not least, let’s speak about red and black. As you all surely know, black is not very popular for weddings, being considered a mourning shade. However, since Gothic wedding themes are very popular, black has begun to be appreciated amongst brides. As for red, it stands for passion, sexiness and sensuality, and image which more and more brides desire to expose at their wedding ceremony, this being the main reason why they pick this colour as their wedding dress shade.

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