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Neon Wedding Accessories

Posted in: Wedding Day on May 4, 2012
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I have recently attended an important event; it wasn’t a wedding ceremony or something of the kind, but the dress code was elegant. I saw lots of young ladies wearing neon clothes that night, and they simply looked alluring and gorgeous in my eyes. That was the moment when the thought crossed my mind: I have to put together an article about the neon clothes and accessories. Why is that? As you probably know, the latest trends for this summer include neon (as must have colors in your wardrobe and closet).

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Now, I am not saying you should apply for a bridal gown designed in such tones; it just came to my mind to speak about neon wedding accessories.

I imagined a modern bride who wears accessories designed in neon tones and this is something that ought to bring an air of freshness to her entire look. How does that sound? Just visualize it. I have been imagining all kinds of outfits which can be derived from the latest trends and this is one of the examples that certainly need to be taken into account.

Neon wedding accessoriesCredit

Neon wedding accessories

If you want to be a classic bride and wear the usual bridal gown with fade wedding accessories, you’re my guest to do so. I am not here to alter people’s tastes and images of the bridal day. This is one of the suggestions that you might take into consideration if you want to be a fashionable bride.

I have mentioned something about neon wedding accessories, but what kind? First of all, I imagine a bride with curves in her hair, beautiful and shiny curls which has attached, on the side, a neon hair pin or accessory, this ought to make her look fresh and the entire look will be flawless. So, this is one gorgeous image that I have in mind.

The other suggestion that came into my head was related to the jewelry that can consist of a knitted necklace designed in green, pink or orange neon tones. I see this as looking very trendy and offering an alluring look. The same can be done with the bracelet. Just imagine a bracelet of such kind and color attached to bridal gown with a little bit of modern touch.

If you ask me, this is certainly what I would do to look great and fashionable in this summer!

To top it off, I will finish with my last idea of neon wedding accessories, which can be realized somewhere in the “area” of the bridal bouquet. Dress yourself with a classic bridal gown and offer it a vivid aspect through a bouquet in neon tones. Simply amazing, if you ask me.

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