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My Wedding Emergency Kit

Posted in: Bridal on March 7, 2012
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It would be wonderful if a wedding ceremony wouldn’t have bad surprises, but should they arise, a wedding emergency kit is necessary in order to overcome them. In this way nothing will catch you off-guard and you will be able to enjoy your wedding ceremony. Therefore, make sure that the back of your car will be full with these auxiliary things.

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Something that you might need is a sewing thread, a needle and safety pins. Even if you looked for something made of high quality details, it may happen that some of the accessories of your wedding dress to detach. Well, in order not to feel embarrassed by this fact, one of your bridesmaids should help you sew it. Therefore, make sure that you will have these things packed in your emergency kit, in order to know that if anything bad happens you will have things under control.



Do not forget about band aids. Who knows? Maybe your wedding party will turn out to be more adventurous than you have imagined. In this case, you will require something that will protect your injuries or that of your groom. However, you should stay safe and maintain your image flawless.

For a fresh hygiene, you should have dome deodorants, too packed in your emergency kit. If you will dance too much and if you will feel that your perfume is starting to fade, this will be a perfect moment for the deodorant to do its magic. As you well know it is very important for a lady to smell nice, fresh and beautiful, so you should totally take care of this thing.

Also, some tissues, hair pins and some breath mints must be included in this emergency kit. You will see that if your hairstyle will suffer some damage the hair pins will help, while tissues are something that a lady should also have in her bag. As for the breath mints you could ask your groom to take care of this matter and to make sure that his pocket will have something like this for both of you.

Therefore, make sure that nothing will catch you by surprise and prepare a wedding emergency kit for your nuptials. In this way, you won’t be bothered by anything on your most important day.

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