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My Very Own Suggestions For Wedding Receptions

Posted in: Decorations on May 28, 2012
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When you are discussing with the wedding planner on how you want the reception spot to look like, one starts from a central idea, which soon will be substituted with new concepts, because you want the event to look accordingly to the latest trends among decorations.

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So, let me share with you some of the latest tips that you can take into account for the bridal day:

Flower decorations in the middle of the table

This is a wedding reception trend that will never fade away. Flowers are really important when it comes to the décor of the space in which you decide to receive your guests.

Flower decorations in the middle of the tableCredit

Flower decorations in the middle of the table

The most important thing about the flowers you decide to pick and use is that you do in such a manner as for these to complete the entire look of the wedding reception space.

Placing a menu in the tableware

Of course, the guests want to know what they are going to eat! This is why you can do in such a manner as to realize wedding menus and place them in the middle of the plates. It will totally create an interesting visual impression and they will be prepared for the feast. No, but it’s a really nice thing to do – placing a menu for the guests to know what you have prepared!

Don’t forget to use napkins in the middle of the plate

Using such details confers an extra tone of elegance and refined taste for the wedding reception. I find this is a fine gesture and good to be taken into account.

Napkins in the middle of the plateCredit

Napkins in the middle of the plate

Table numbers written finely

Table numbers should also be taken into account whenever it comes to wedding receptions. These elements should not be omitted and as the wedding menu, they offer a refined touch to the event. Trust me, and your guests will remain with a nice impression regarding your big day.

Colored chandeliers and lanterns for a great visual effect

Such attachments on the ceiling will totally create an interesting effect to the entire room of the wedding reception. With an addition like this one, I don’t see why the room shouldn’t have a fresh air and unique in the same time. I have been in a summer wedding in which the lanterns were realized similarly to balloons and they were pretty colored. Believe me, the light was so warm and combined with the smell of spring, I could end with a nice feeling, something unique, that I didn’t encounter in other weddings that I had been.

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