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My Celebrity Wedding Ring

Posted in: Jewelry on February 16, 2012
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Are you one of those people who like to get inspired from their favorite celebrities? Well, in this case a celebrity wedding ring might be the exact thing you need. So, in what follows get prepared to find out more about celebrities and the choices they made when they got married. And to be more precise, we will analyze their choices considering their wedding rings.

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First of all, we should say that we totally approve of your decision. In fact, what other better way of finding these important jewelry than getting inspired from your favorite celebrities? Anyway, if money is the issue that bothers you the most you should know that it is not necessary to pay the same that celebrities did. You could buy a replica or you could pay a professional to do something like this for you. But, enough talking, we shall begin revealing you our list containing some wedding rings belonging to some of the most famous people on Earth.

My celebrity wedding ringCredit

My celebrity wedding ring

Here is a wedding band that we totally love! It belongs to Eva Longoria and it is appropriate for a lady who loves luxury, glamour and sophistication. By clicking the link below you will find this wedding ring on sterling silver, fact that makes it cheaper, but not less gorgeous. So, have your “touch of celebrity” by purchasing something like this.

My celebrity wedding ringCredit

My celebrity wedding ring

Even if the marriage of Katy Perry and Russel Brand is over now, this shouldn’t stop you from getting a Katy Perry inspired wedding ring. You shouldn’t be that superstitious! If you love this simple yet full of sparkle wedding ring, then you should do your best and buy something as beautiful as this.

My celebrity wedding ringCredit

My celebrity wedding ring

Also, you should take a look at Mariah Carey’s wedding band. The singer / actress wears quite a beauty on her finger: it has diamonds, diamonds and let’s not forget about diamonds. Anyway, it is a great idea for you ladies, because it will definitely make you stand out.

In the end you should definitely take a look at other famous celebrities, such as: Fergie, Katherine Heigl, Megan Fox, and so on. Who knows? Maybe in this way you will find your spectacular wedding ring. Also, if you fancy something like this, then you should pay attention at our future articles, because we will definitely talk more about this topic: celebrity wedding dresses, celebrity wedding cakes, celebrity wedding shoes, and so on.

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