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Marriage Quotations

Marriage Quotations

I would like to post some of my favorite marriage quotes below, maybe it will be of some help to some of you.

There are a lot of quotes on marriage so these ten resonated with me the most, perhaps they’ll strike a chord within you too.

  1. “Marriage is like a besieged fortress; those outside will want to enter and those inside want to get out“;
  2. “Make your eyes big before you marry and keep them half-closed after marriage“;
  3. “Marriage is three parts love and seven parts forgiveness of sins“;
  4. “Marriage is the triumph of hope over experience“;
  5. “Love is blind, but marriage finds its cure“;
  6. “Married couples who love each other tell their tens of thousands of words without talking“;
  7. “All weddings are the same but every marriage is different“;
  8. “Marriage is the tomb of love“;
  9. “Who wants to be happy not to marry. Get married to make someone happy“;
  10. “A successful marriage is when you fall in love several times, but by the same person”

Marriage Quotes: Resources

In case you’re not satisfied with the above, I listed some quotes resources below which I felt in love with and hope you will find them useful as well.