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Maid Of Honor

Posted in: Bridesmaid on May 24, 2011
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Being a maid of honor is more simply put…an honor for any girl. It represents the opportunity of making a major contribution to your friend’s wedding. However, having this role implies many duties and responsibilities.

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What makes you a maid of honor? First of all, you have to make sure that the bride’s and her future husband’s wedding is a success. You can start by helping your friend in choosing the perfect wedding venue. This task can prove to be quite difficult, as it has to satisfy both the needs of the future married couple, and those of the guests. So your advice will be welcomed and appreciated, not to say very helpful.

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Maid of honor

Not only does the bride need to pick a beautiful wedding place, but she also has to take care that the decorations are going to create a dreamy atmosphere. Your maid of honor duties extend to this aspect as well. Your good taste and eye for detail could really make a difference.

An activity that will end up being both fun and rewarding is helping the bride in choosing her wedding dress. Any woman needs a true friend’s help when it comes to purchasing an item of clothing, especially a wedding dress for such an important event. Moreover, if your relationship with the future bride is based on trust and honesty, your opinion is actually vital, as you could ensure that your friend will look perfect on her wedding day and her dress will emphasize her qualities, while hiding her flaws.

Since you, out of everyone else, have been chosen for this important part, why not express your gratitude and surprise the bride with the most wonderful bridal shower? You can put your creativity to a test and plan a party that will be remembered by every one of the guests, including the bride. There are numerous activities you could charm your lady friends with, such as funny games, spontaneous girls’ night out and so on.

The really difficult part comes, however, in the day of the wedding. You have plenty of maid of honor duties to fulfill. During her wedding day, the bride has to feel like a diva and you have to make sure that nothing will spoil her good mood. You need to assist your friend in getting into her dress and in putting her makeup on. Furthermore, you will also be a messenger if the bride needs to communicate something to her groom. You have to take care that nothing goes wrong while she walks down the aisle and in case that happens, be ready to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Apart from these maid of honor duties, the most important thing you should remember is the fact that first and foremost, you are a moral support for your friend. If you fulfill these tasks rightfully, you will gain everyone’s appreciation and your own self-satisfaction for being a good friend.

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