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Latest Guide For Wedding Invitation Styles

Posted in: Invitations on August 10, 2011
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When you think of the wedding invitations, you should put yourself in the place of the guest. How do you perceive it? How does it look in your eyes or if it’s attractive. When you receive a wedding invitation, from that very moment you know what the future groom and bride wish from that special day. Certainly, in our days, the wedding invitation is not only a simple card in which there are mentioned some details related to the event and that’s that….

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The wedding invitations transmit a particular style, theme and the personality of the bride and groom. Consider this card as a work of art that has an elegant look and it’s printed at the highest level of quality. After all, this is like a card of presentation for you, don’t you think so?

latest guide for wedding invitation stylesCredit

Latest guide for wedding invitation styles

Let your wedding guests discover your own style and you shouldn’t let yourself be influenced of a particular wedding invitation that you might have seen in we don’t know what event. We have seen so many playful styles and wedding invitations throughout this year and we thought that it would be a great idea to share with you some of the most common picks and styles, which are not that expensive and will totally express the way you are and are ideal to be used!

We start with the funny wedding invitations! We have seen so many couples who have applied for such wedding invitations and it’s a rumor according to which the young ones who are following to get married would rather prefer announcing their grand event under a funny format, not because the wedding isn’t considered as important as it used to, but it’s great to receive such an events with a big smile. You want a party that is all about having fun and joy and the young couples want to transmit this through a funny image or reflection of their personality.

Latest guide for wedding invitation stylesCredit

Latest guide for wedding invitation styles

We still remain at the level of funny details and joy! What could be funnier than a wedding invitation that is designed with flowers and butterflies? Indeed, nothing! These express optimism and exuberance and on top of all, color! Such wedding invitations are an excellent pick and they offer you a youthful and fresh air, expressing elegance and delicacy in the same time.

Still speaking about colors, we would like to continue with the new tones that the wedding accessories have in this year. So, besides the classic and elegant ivory, brown, purple and white, come the new colors such as green, yellow and fuchsia. The range of materials that are used for making the wedding invitations differ from cardboard of the finest quality, matte ones, or with a particular shine, there’s also the cardboard with a neat aspect and texture and a special type of paper that is used in the case of the wedding invitations that have a vintage or retro theme. There are also some wedding invitations that have insertions of leaves, petals, flowers, velvet or even lace and they all are great to apply for and really gorgeous looking in the same time!

Latest guide for wedding invitation stylesCredit

Latest guide for wedding invitation styles

Customizing the wedding invitations in our days is a trend that tends to get more and more popular and we’re sure that you might have taken this option into account. We’re sure that you think all the time of what needs to be added in order to make your wedding invitations more personal. Well, there’s a particular design that can totally characterize you and make you unique in comparison with other couples who have made a pick or the simple details are the ones that can make the difference: your initials, the addition of a particular color that you two might like and even adding a picture of you two. Well, the latter option needs to be discussed in particular….

This isn’t a novelty and many couples have applied for it. We’re speaking about a tendency that has started last year and continues in this season. What can be more personalized than a wedding invitation that is designed with the image of you two? Well, think that it’s practical and the ones receiving it are not going to throw it away and in the same time you remain in their recollection as having this neat idea of presenting the most important day of your life in a very customized manner!

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