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Initials Wedding Cake Toppers

Posted in: Cakes on April 7, 2011
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Wedding cake toppers are usually the representation of the couple that is getting married. Sometimes wedding cake toppers go beyond a simple representation of the couple, signifying love, beauty, wealth and others like these. Then why not use initials as wedding cake toppers?

Initials Wedding Cake ToppersSource

Initials wedding cake toppers

If you do not want to have a classic wedding cake topper, meaning a bride and a groom made out of plastic, you can opt for many other things. One of them is the initials wedding cake topper. It can come in many shapes and designs. The materials used in the process are various, ranging from plastic to gold or other precious metals and even glass or crystal. Of course the prices rise with the quality of materials used or according to the complexity of the design for the initials wedding cake topper.
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If you want to go beyond the usual initials wedding cake toppers, you can choose expensive decorations, such as little Swarovski crystals or pearls. Only if your money pocket is deep enough. Also, you can choose little flowers, other beads or embroidery on the wedding cake toppers.

Initials wedding cake toppersSource

Initials wedding cake toppers

The style of the letters used in the initials wedding cake toppers can be very different. For example, you can have your wedding cake topper with letters with a font similar to the ones that appear in newspapers or you can have it resembling handwriting or with medieval characters, like the ones you used to see in old literature books. The latter looks much nicer than the classic letters.

Initials wedding cake toppersSource

Initials wedding cake toppers

Also, you can choose any color for the initials wedding cake topper, but try to match it with the colors or color the wedding cake has. If you will have it made out of glass or crystal, then you do not have to worry about this of course, although this one is much more expensive, but it sheds a distinctive light.

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