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I'm Having An Outdoor Wedding Reception

Posted in: Venues on March 21, 2012
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There are many reasons why people would have outdoor wedding receptions. There is the sublime and natural effect that just adds a touch of kindness and softness to your wedding, the fresh air, the nice wedding decorations, and so on. However, there are some side effects out there, such as the rain or the chilly wind. But, if you are decided to pull this off, then you sure have figured these things out. In case you haven’t, here is something that might help you.

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Outdoor receptions are better to be held in the summer time, and it is preferable to check the weather reports before the big day. We are not saying that spring or autumn aren’t great wedding seasons, but in this way you will know for sure that your attendants will feel comfortable and okay with this temperature. Everybody knows that this is your big moment, but at certain points you must make sure that your wedding guests will have a good time.

Outdoor wedding receptionCredit

Outdoor wedding reception

Also, with this type of receptions it is best to have a great back-up plan. This includes the huge tent that will host your party – in case it will start raining -, umbrellas near you, enough tables and chairs, and so on. Plan everything for the worst case scenario and you will be really satisfied when you will see that your wedding ceremony has achieved a great style and mood.

Outdoor wedding receptionCredit

Outdoor wedding reception

However, despite these “disadvantages” outdoor wedding receptions are still worth it, and this is why a lot of people throw this kind of wedding parties. We must all admit that the fresh air, the great wedding décor and the possibility of using an intimate and private space are wonderful assets. Well, if these things charm you as well, then go ahead: make a great back-up plan while organizing your wedding ceremony and at the end of the day you will be sure that nothing will stay between you and your outdoor reception.

Outdoor wedding receptionCredit

Outdoor wedding reception

Also, make sure that you will have a great view that will allow you to add gorgeous pictures to your wedding album. Maybe the beach will be something you would like, or a garden full of blossoming flowers would suit you best. Either way, discuss this with your beloved one and pick the best spot.

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