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Ideas Concerning Your Wedding Announcement

Posted in: General Info on October 17, 2011
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You are engaged and you want the whole world to find about it. Well, maybe not the WHOLE world, but at least your closest friends and family, i.e. people who create the world that you live in. If you are curious to hear our ideas, we invite you to read the following lines and to get inspired, on how you may make your wedding announcement.

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First of all if you have children from previous marriages they are the first to find out about this decision of yours. You should find a clever means by which to inform them, so that their feelings won’t get hurt. But again, if they know about your relationship and if they approve it, I believe there won’t be any problems.

But if that isn’t your case and if you are at the beginning of this marital life, well the easiest way would be to: let the Internet do its job. To be more precise if all your friends are on Facebook, Twitter or other social network all you will have to do is to update your status from being in a relationship to engaged, or you should just twit about it. Everyone will be happy to find these great things and will rush to leave you comments and to congratulate you.

However, if you believe that this is too overt for your taste you could call the people you love or you could email them and share the good news. It will be a great way to tell them about your upcoming marriage and I am sure that you will feel better if only the one you love will find out about your future marriage, because to be frank the beautiful, sincere and pure feelings should not be exposed in front of everyone, or they might get a stain or two.

Ideas concerning your wedding announcementCredit

Ideas concerning your wedding announcement

Still, if you find this method too cold for your personality, then arrange a meeting with all your friends and family at your house and during the dinner, brunch or lunch reveal the good news. Open a bottle of champagne and let the others make some toasts in which they will share some beautiful words and will wish you all the best in your new life together. But, most of all, you should be prepared because they will most likely ask you to say some nice words to your partner.

Thus, choose the method that will be suitable for you and your relationship, and share this great news with people you love and want to stand by you during the preparations of your wedding ceremony.

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